Mark Twain stops by Mathew Brady’s Washington Studio [The World, April 12, 1891 by George Alfred Townsend]

Mathew Brady _ 1889 _ LOCIt is reported that Mathew Brady, who is buried in Congressional Cemetery, never wrote an autobiography and only gave a collection of interviews during his lifetime, two of which were in the 1890s.

In 1891 George Alfred Townsend interviewed Brady for the New York World, which was run by Joseph Pulitzer. In their extended interview Brady mentions a recent visit by Mark Twain, a man whom regularly sat for Brady whenever in Washington.

“…I spent over $100,000 in my war enterprises. In 1873 my New York property was forced from me by the panic of that year. The Government later bought my plates and the first fruits of my labors, but the relief was not sufficient and I have had to return to business. Ah! I have a great deal of property here. Mark Twain was here the other day.”
“What said he?”
“He looked over everything visible, but of course not the unframed copies of my works, and he said: ‘Brady, if I was not so tied up in my enterprises I would join you upon this material in which there is a fortune. A glorious gallery to follow that engraved by Sartain and cover the expiring mighty period of American men can be had out of these large, expressive photographs; it would make the noblest subscription book of the age.'”


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