19th century writer aliases / pseudonyms, “Mark Twain” & “GATH” [National Republican, 26 April 1881, p. 7]

[Ed Note: H/T to Leeroy Beebops of late 20th century Maryland fame.]

For The Republican.




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Some of the Enjoyable Writers – Their Literary Pseudonyms.

Doubtless many will be gratified, in-perusing the appended list of pseudonyms, to lift the mask from many of our most enjoyable writers in this country and in England:

“Arthur Sketchley,” George Rose

“A.L.O.E.” (A Lady of England), Miss Charlotte Tuckers

“Aunt Mary,” Mrs. Mary A. Lathbury

“A Veteran Observer,” E.D. Mansfield, LL. D

“Bensuly,” Benjamin, Austin, and Lyman Abott, colloborateurs

“Barry Gray,” R. B. Cuffin

“Bon Gaultier,” Profesor W. E. Aytoun and Theodore Martin, colloborateurs

“Bill Arp,” Charles H. Smith

“Barry Cornwall,” Bryan Waller Procter

“Carl Benson,” Charles Astor Bristed

“Cantell A. Bigly” (Can-tell-a-big-lie), George W. Peck

“Currer Bell,” Charlotte Bronte 

“Cuthbert Bede,” Rev. Edward Bradley

“Country Parson,” Rev. A. K. H. Boyd

“Derrick Dodd,” Frank Gassaway

“Dunn Brown,” Rev. Samuel Fiske

“Dr. Oldham, of Graystones,” Caleb S. Henry, LL. D.

“Dr. Syntax,” William Coombe

“Elizabeth Wetherall,” Susan Warner

“Elizabeth Berger,” Elizabeth Sheppard

“Edmund Kirke,” J. R. Gilmore

“Ethan Spike,” Matthew G. Whittier

“Fanny Forester,” Mrs. Emily Chubbuck Judson

“Fat Contributor,” A. M. Griswold

“Fleeta,” Kate W. Hamilton

“Fanny Fern,” Sara Payson Willis Parton

“Frank Forester,” Henry William Herbert

“Florence Percy,” Mrs. Akers

“George Sand,” Amantine Lucile Aurore Dudevant 

“Gail Hamilton,” Mary Abigail Dodge

“Grace Greenwood,” Mrs. Sarah Jane Clarke Lippincott

“George Eliot” Marian Evans Lewes Cross

“Gath,” George Alfred Townsend

“Howard Glyndon,” Miss Laura C. Redden

“Harry Gringo,” Lieutenant Henry A. Wise, U.S.N

“Holme Lee,” Mrs. Harriet Parr

“Helen Mar,” Mrs. D. M. F. Walker

“1k Marvel,” Donald G. Mitchell

“Jennie June,” Mrs. D. G. Croly

“John Phoenix,” Captain George K. Derby, U.S.A

“January Searle,” George S. Phillips

“Josh Billings,” Henry W. Shaw

“Kirke White,” Henry Kirke White

“Louisa Muhlbach,” Madame Clara Mundt

“L. Poyiodet” (anagram), L. Leypoldt

“Monk Lewis,” Matthew Gregory Lewis

“Mrs. Markham,” Mrs. Elizabeth Penrose

“Mark Twain,” Samuel Lenghorne Clemens

“Mrs. Partington,” B. P. Shillaber

“Miles O’Reilly,” Colonel Charles G. Halpine

“Minnie Myrtle,” Miss Anna L. Johnson

“Major Jack Downing,” Seba Smith

“Mrs. Gilman,” Mr. Ballou

“Marian Harland,” Mrs. M. V. Terhune

“Nimrod,” Charles J. Apperley

“Oliver Optic,” William T. Adams

“Old Humphrey,” George Mogridge 

“Owen Meredith,” Hon. Edward R. Bulwer-Lytton

“Orpheus C. Kerr” (office-seeker) R. H. Newell

“Paul Creighton,” J. T. Trowbridge

“Porte Crayon,” General D. P. Strother

“Parson Brownlow,” William [Gannaway] Brownlow

“Peter Parley,” Samuel Griswold Goodrich

“Peter Pinder,” John Wolcott

“Petroleum Vesuvius Nebsy,” David R. Locke

“Samuel A. Bard,” Ephraim [G.] Squier

“Sophie May,” Miss R. S. Clarke

“Se De Kay,” Charkes D. Kirke

“Sam Slick,” Judge Thomas C. Haliburton

“Stonehenge,” John H. Walsh

“Shirley Dare,” Miss Susan Dunning

“Talvi,” Teresa A. L. Von Jakob

“Timothy Titcomb,” Josiah Gilbert Holland

“Trusta,” (anagram), Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

“Uncle Will,” Professor William Wells

“Zadkel,” Lieutenant Richard J. Morrison





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