An Autobiography, Mark Twain [The Aldine, April 1871, p. 58]

The Aldine _ Vol. 4, No. 4 _ April 1871 _ p. 58 _ An Autobiography Mark Twain0002AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.


I was born November 30th, 1835. I continue to live, just the same.

Thus narrow, confided and trivial, is the history of a common human life! – that part of it, at least, which it is proper to thrust in the face of the public. And thus little and insignificant, in print, becomes this life of mine, which to me has always seemed so filled with vast personal events and tremendous consequences.

I could easily have made it longer, but not without compromising myself.

Perhaps no apology for the brevity of this account of myself is necessary.

And besides, why should I damage the rising prosperity of THE ALDINE?

Surely THE ALDINE has never done me any harm.


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