Does this book exist? “History of the Capitol and public buildings, 1839 – 1872” by George Alfred Townsend

Washingtoniana Division, DC Public Library

Washingtoniana Division, DC Public Library

Does this book exist?

GATH was a prolific 19-century historian covering and uncovering Washington, D.C. and the surrounding Chesapeake region. Rock star reference librarian and local historian Jerry McCoy was unable to locate it in the rare books shelf today. I suspect the book is out there and is some way different than The New World Compared with the Old (1869), Washington, Outside and Inside (1873/1874) and Historic Sketches at Washington (1877) . I just need to find it, if it does exist.

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  1. #1 by rshepardlibrarian on March 8, 2013 - 8:41 pm

    Possibly _Events at the national capital and the campaign of 1876. A complete history of the foundation and growth of our groverning city, a description of the public buildings and manner of living there, a searching exposure of the various jobs and scandals which have excited public indignation, full biographies of Hayes, Wheeler, Tilden, and Hendricks, besides various political statistics. By Geo. Alfred Townsend, and others_ (1876). The Library of Congress’ catalog shows it owning a copy.

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