Mark Twain mentioned in 1868 Washington newspaper dispatch from Emily Edson Briggs [The Olivia Letters, 1906]

ImageMark Twain, the delicate humorist, was present; quite a lion, as he deserves to be. Mark is a bachelor, faultless in taste, whose snowy vest is suggestive of endless quarrels with Washington washer-women; but the heroism of Mark is settled for all time, for such purity and smoothness were never seen before. His lavender gloves might have been stolen from some Turkish harem, so delicate were they in size; but more likely – anything else were more likely than that. In form and feature he bears some resemblance to the immortal Nasby; but whilst Petroleum is brunette to the core, Twain is golden, amber-hued, melting blonde.


Briggs, Emily Edson, The Olivia’s Letters: Being Some History of Washington City for Forty Years as Told by the Letters of a Newspaper Correspondent, New York; The Neale Publishing Company. 1906. “SPEAKER COLFAX. His Affection For His Mother – Other Characteristics. Washington, March 2, 1868.” p. 45 – 47



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