John Cary listed in 1840 US Federal Census for Washington, D.C. just before dying

1840 US Fed Census _ DC _ John Cary _ p. 213According to Cary is listed 4th from the bottom of page 213 of 291 of the 1840 United States Federal Census for “Washington City.” Cary is clearly listed in the last section of the first page which is designated for “FREE COLORED PERSONS.”

For his age he has two distinctive markings. There is a clear slash for “10 & under 24” and one for “100 & upwards.” Was the numerator denoting that Cary was between the ages of 110 and 124?

In January of 1843 a small item appeared in newspapers throughout the country announcing,

“On motion of Mr. Briggs, a resolution was adopted instructing the Committee on Revolutionary Pensions to inquire into the expediency of allowing a pension to John Cary, who says that he was the body servant of General Washington, and was present with him at the defeat of Braddock and the surrender of the surrender of Cornwallis, and that he is 112 years old.”

According to, “The administration of the sixth census was very similar to that of the fifth. Enumeration began on June 1, 1840. Marshals were to receive two copies of the census receipts from enumerators by November 1, 1840, one of which was to be sent to the secretary of state by December 1, 1840.”

Shortly after being enumerated Cary died in June 1843.


Office Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives 1910, Government Printing Office, makes mention of documents pertaining to the investigation into Cary’s claim. pg. 34 – Report of the Librarian of Congress.

3d Session. JOHN CARY. [To accompany hill H. R. No. 755. ] February 3, 1843. Mr. Taliaferro, from the Committee on  and now a^resident in the city of Washington, and who says he was a body servant of General Washington at the time of ..


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