1887 Hopkins Map _ Plate 12 (224 F Street NW)

1887 Hopkins Map _ Plate 12 _ 224 F Street NW

The 75-foot lot of 224 F Street NW, as it faces 14th Street NW, is across from the pen tip which points to the NE corner of 14th & F Streets.

Throughout Twain’s stay in Washington he roomed in a collection of boarding houses, a far cry from his subsequent returns to Washington in later years when he stayed in the city’s luxurious hotels such as the Arlington and the new Willard. His first room in Washington City was with his new boss Senator Stewart, who remembered in his memoirs that it was “in a rather tumble-down building which at the time stood on the northwest corner of Fourteenth and F Streets, N.W., opposite the old Ebbitt House, where many of my Congressional cronies had quarters. The house was a weather-beaten old place, a relic of early Washington.”[i]

In the pictured 1887 Hopkins Map it appears the “relic of early Washington” at 224 F Street NW has been demolished.

[i] Stewart, William Morris. Reminiscences of Senator William M. Stewart of Nevada. New York: Neale Publishing Company, 1908. p. 219.



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