“The Recent Attempt at Murder in Open Court” [Daily Chronicle, 13 Jan., 1868, p. 2]

photo (3)The Recent Attempt at Murder in Open Court. –

The prisoner McCauley, who attempted to murder the boy, Thos. Kinley, in the court-room for testifying against him on Friday last, is at present in his old quarter at the jail heavily ironed, but still evinces a most revengeful spirit toward his would-be victim. Facts show that the attack on Kinley was a premeditated one. Just before he was taken to the court-room last week, a slung-shot made of a piece of brick, wrapped in a blanket, was found on his premises. On Saturday he remarked that if they would put the boy in the cell two minutes with him they might then take him out and hang him. On the way to the jail he stated that he had friends in the court-room who had agreed to kill the boy. He said also that the knife with which he attempted to kill the boy was given to him in the court-house by a colored boy, and if the judge had given him a light sentence he would have taken it quietly, but as the repentance was of a severe one he intended to kill Kinley at the risk of his life.

In addition to the indictment made against the prisoner on Saturday, the Grand Jury will undoubtedly follow it up by others to-morrow, and it is likely that McCauley will be safely domiciled for a number of years in Albany penitentiary.

As a Capital Correspondent Mark Twain wrote about this case.


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