Will the real Gadby’s Hotel please stand up? Read John DeFerrari’s post on Streets of Washington!

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

To follow up on yesterday’s post about the National Hotel = Gadsby’s Hotel. Will the real Gadsby’s Hotel please stand up? (It appears my notes were about the wrong Gasdby’s. Thank you, John!)

“Originally founded in 1827 by John Gadsby (1766-1844), the National Hotel was located on Pennsylvania Avenue at 6th Street, NW. Gadsby, who had run Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria in the 1790s, came to Washington in the early 1820s, taking over a tavern and hotel at 19th and I Streets, NW. That place was too small and out of the way, however, so in 1827, he purchased the row of federal townhouses on the northeast corner of Pennsylvania Avenue at 6th Street, NW, and combined them to form the hotel he called the National but which was more frequently known as Gadsby’s Hotel in its early days.” – John DeFerrari, “The National Hotel,” Streets of Washington, 24 Nov 2009.


For more: http://www.streetsofwashington.com/2009/11/national-hotel.html



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