George W. Adams [Washington Journalism, Past and Present. By Crosby S. Noyes, Evening Star, December 16, 1902]

DC Public Library

DC Public Library

George W. Adams roomed with Mark Twain in Washington during the winter of 1867 – 1868. Unlike Twain, who was broke while in Washington, Adams used the telegraph and in 1867 was one of the investors who purchased the Evening Star. He died in 1886.


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  1. #1 by Jay on March 23, 2014 - 9:37 am

    Great stuff as always John!

    Was Crosby S. Noyes related to Thomas C. Noyes? The latter owned the Senators in their first years. I did some research a while back, a great story long forgotten now.

    Observing that the team had a woeful record as Senators, he wanted a change. In the early part of 1905, the club’s Board of Directors appointed the sports editors of the three Washington newspapers as a committee to head up the selection process for a new name.

    Fans offered names such as the Admirals, Empires, Olympias, and Presidents.

    On March 26, the Post announced the winner.

    Washington Team Rechristened The Nationals

    The exact number of votes was not given but the article said Nationals “had the strongest following.” The Post published several comments from the letters.

    Ted Sullivan:

    The first great club that Washington had was named Nationals. This club was one of the pioneers of baseball, and was successful; so call the club the Nationals…”



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